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We are a 501(C)(3) charitable organization, specializing in teaching members about computers in a group (not individual) environment.

All meetings are free and open to the public.

If you enjoy our meetings, we hope that you join our Group.

Please check us out by attending a meeting.

We are a group of computer enthusiasts.  We like to learn more about computers.  Some of us are beginners, and some are advanced users.

All levels of expertise are welcome.  Our Question and Answer sessions are a great way to learn.  Most of the answers come from our members in attendance.

We understand that some of the questions are going to be very basic.  After all, we were all beginners once.

So come out to a meeting and participate with us, and bring your questions.  We love trying to answer them.

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Willet (Bill) Thomas - President
Ralph Smoyer - Vice President
Paul Marshall - Secretary
Bill Armstrong - Treasurer

SIG Coordinators
Jeff Zartler - Linux SIG
Jim Flamisch - Hardware SIG
Bill Sheff and Bill Armstrong - Novice SIG

General Meetings Programs

Vacant - (Chair)

Computer Shows
Harvey Johnson - (Chair)

Membership Database
Bill Armstrong - (Manager)

LVCG Journal Team
Carole D'Andrea - Editor-In-Chief

PC User Group Coordinator

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